Long-term practical trainings

The Long-Term Practical Training are based on the participants integration in a professional and scientific context. Registration»

Participants will be individually integrated in research projects and long-term monitorings of OII.

Each participant will be continuously accompanied by one of the permanent researchers, who are responsible for giving him to know, in detail, all the methodologies used and their theoretically context.

Beginning and training duration

Registrations on Long-Term Pratical Trainings are continuously open. The registration will be carry out by Curriculum vitae analysis and by entry order. The training period involves a minimum of 100 hours of fieldwork and 30 hours theoretical. The training period will divided in, at least, six hours per week over a semester (days and hours adjustable to participants availability). The training ends with the performing of a practical evaluation and a theory test.

Certificate of competence

At the end of Long-Term Practical Training, the participant will be able to perform all the methodologies discussed independently with correct performance. In this moment, the instrutor will attest their ability through a certificate of competence.

Long Practical Training in Ornithology.

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Long Practical Training in Bat Ecology (in preparation)

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