Scientific translation

Because writing is the one of the most important way in the diffusion of knowledge, we provide a translation service of scientific texts (thesis, dissertation, papers, technical books, presentations, material of science dissemination, etc.). With the awareness that the translation of scientific text is one of the most complex tasks in translation area, we developed a project, with the company, that allow us to provide a qualified team of translators, proofreaders and other technical professionals with experience in scientific writing, which guarantees a translation and clear and concise text, while fully preserving its original meaning. The process of scientific translation requires a continues contact with the author or editor of the original text. In this way, we guarantee a high quality of the translation. In the OII/ we understand the importance to maintain the information confidentiality that we receive, whereat keep it is our priority. We translate to over 35 languages ​​» BUDGET REQUESTS

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